Marketing and digital
Marketing and digital
Selling and recruiting more & better is what you deserve as a client.

Making brands stronger and more differentiated, building more performance-accountable brands, maximizing user experience and customer journeys, and developing websites that improve talent recruitment or convert more leads into sales are part of our daily business.

What if Propage was the best change agent for your business? The one to provide you with the most tangible results? The way for you to sell and recruit

more & better?


We establish tight links between strategy and execution to provide you with the big picture and ensure we are in line with your business objectives.

recent projects

portfolio Logo PH Tech
Branding ++

The manufacturer of PVC extruded profiles engaged in a comprehensive exercise: customer journey, personas, messaging, website. As well as employer branding to recruit more & better.

portfolio Logo Princeton
Making a real difference

Distributor and manufacturer that brings in value through the entire chain, from production to marketing

portfolio Logo Fruit d'Or
Raising the bar

As part of an integrated digital campaign, Fruit d’Or relied on a sample shipping strategy to initiate contact with international prospects.

portfolio Logo NOWA
The brand people trust first

To sustain its leading market position and support its Canada-wide network, NOWA reviewed its branding and messaging as well as its marketing tools.


Where to start?
With non-binding

Many of our customers have a pretty clear idea of where they want to go, but don't know how to get there or even where to start. That's why we've introduced the ∅ workshop. A two-hour meeting with senior strategists. Zero billing. Zero commitment. Zero risk. We'll help you make sense of it all and draw up a game plan. Let us help you.