Product Launch

Increasing the profitability of your points of sale and the flow of your products requires continuous adaptation to market needs and an appropriate presentation of your products.


The product is
also the packaging.

More than just providing protection for its contents, packaging is part of the customer experience. We approach any packaging project with a complete B2B2C perspective. We help you to control your message to attract customers—all while respecting retailers’ marketing and logistics needs.

Presentations to retailers

Know how to present when the stakes are high.

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Olivier Angers

When you’re asked to make a presentation to a retailer or the team of buyers of a large chain, you only get one chance and your time is limited. Whether you have to defend your territory or expand it, we’ll be at your side with only one idea in mind: to win.

Product review
We regularly support customers who are called upon to go through a product review process. We know the issues, obstacles and pitfalls. Our team supports you throughout the entire process, from structuring the presentation to its graphic design.

Distribution network development
Developing your network of retailers depends on the trust you manage to build during the meetings. Propage helps you develop your presentation, align your sales pitch, define a clear marketing program, and develop all the supporting visuals and tools.

Displays and planograms

Is your store

We work with you to optimize the organization of space in the various displays and shelving units in your store. Our work helps to develop spaces dedicated to your products and create experiences to better support consumers in their purchasing process.