Do you want
to go beyond
selling on

We understand the importance of building a brand. Our communications approach is completely strategic. Propage speaks the same language as you.


We recognize the
power of a brand.

A real brand has no equivalent, or very few.
Customers who purchase from you invest in your brand; the price is oftentimes secondary. As a Marketing Director, your mission is ambitious when compared to the financial means at your disposal. As a preferred partner, we understand this. It’s our daily life as well.

We are the extension of your expertise.


We believe in the need
to be clear and concise.

Clear positioning and a sharp sales pitch pay off!
Sales teams thrive on your tools. However, your positioning crumbles over time, due to changes in your team’s composition or business opportunities. Your sales pitch becomes diluted and erratic. This is why we ensure your messaging is all about coherence and consistency.

When we work closely and with discipline, results are guaranteed.


We want to generate
a desire to buy.

You shouldn't be selling anymore. Your customers should be buying your brand.
Management and sales are putting pressure on you and constantly asking you for new tools to seize "the opportunity of the day." However, we know that marketing’s goal is to create a genuine desire to buy. Price becomes only one factor—not the leading factor in a purchasing decision.

Your business and product should be perceived as being unique—with no equivalent.