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Your brand embodies the identity of your business or product. Your brand connects you to each customer; the stronger it is, the more difficult it becomes for a competitor to sever this tie.

An exercise in creativity—and effectiveness

Creating effective brands is our very first commitment. A successful brand enables your business or product to stand out from the crowd. It is easily recognizable. It inspires confidence even before a word is spoken.

Propage designs effective, attractive brands and visual identities keeping simplicity in mind. This perfect balance of creative and effective design forms the basis of our approach and expertise.

A brand is
worth 1,000 words.

The power of a brand is to open doors for you. Your brand comes before you; it influences and conditions your customers’ perception by automatically establishing a high-quality standard. It drives everything about your business.

Does your brand create an image strong enough to stick in the minds of your customers—and distract their attention from things other than the price? These questions are fundamental because they summarize your brand’s role. Propage has been creating brand images for over 30 years. We always adhere to branding best practices so that you avoid common pitfalls.

Common pitfalls to avoid

  • Giving a perception of amateurism
  • Wanting to say everything all at once
  • Using a too common graphic style
  • Creating overly complex graphics and designs
  • Sounding fake

A strong brand has no equal.
Because when a customer or a
consumer opts for a strong brand,
the price makes little difference.

A logo can
and must evolve.

Logo evolution

Design evolves at a rapid-fire pace. Our perception of what is beautiful and current changes over time. Inevitably, your logo will eventually become outdated; therefore, an evolution is required. If you feel like you’re in this stage of renewal, don’t take the exercise lightly. Your logo redesign project can be bogged down if handled by amateurs. Our goal is to keep it simple and efficient.

Developing a logo is relatively easy when you are supported by specialists who understand the process. The designers at Propage can discern fleeting graphic design trends from established design approaches. They’ll analyze the impact of any changes and plan for a smooth transition that doesn't result in loss of brand recognition, unnecessary major investments or waste of money.

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Simon Nolet

Less is more!

– A wise man

Your brand:
an infinite universe
of possibilities

See your branding as a part of its own ecosystem governed by a number of rules. These rules, or guidelines, are necessary to build your brand recognition and prevent chaos in your communications. However, we are in the digital age, and graphics standards cannot be as rigid as they used to be. Go for versatility. Make your brand a world of endless possibilities.