In the past, a good strategy revolved around the product and its uniqueness. Today, customer experience (CX) is becoming the centre of digital communications. To sell, you need to understand who your customers are, including their personalities, their expectations and their aspirations.

Let your prospect
be the hero.

Your flagship product is no longer the star; put your customer at the centre of your focus and your digital strategy.

Propage uses storytelling principles to provide a simple and effective guideline for your website. We help you to turn the tide of this story and get your customers to buy into your promise. Let us tell your story.

A persona corresponds to a clear vision, on a human scale, of the motivations that lead to buying behaviour.

Think like Tom.
Or think like Tanya.

Who’s Tom? Who’s Tanya? They’re your personas—the people you want to talk to first. The persona exercise trains you to think like your customers and truly understand their purchasing process to offer a UX/UI user experience that sticks to their logic.

Propage's expertise in B2B2C marketing is added to the knowledge you already have of your customers. Together, we find what motivates them and how they think as customers in the workplace and not as consumers. This may seem simplistic, but the nuance is fundamental.

The real face
of your customers

To create a real impact on your communications, we believe a persona should be more intimate than a demographic or target group. The persona puts a human face on purchasing behaviour that you must always keep in mind.

The personas created by Propage guide the words, tone, graphic style, and the entire UX/UI web experience. You develop a precise and personalized sales approach that resonates with customers.