The web, the Internet, the digital or online world…whatever the vocabulary you use, in the end, you need to have a presence there. But in addition to the basics, you have to measure your ROI. How else can you improve your performance? How do you optimize your investments? How do you know if you’re investing enough to generate the expected results?


Finally, EVERYTHING can be measured.

The digital world holds not secrets for us. In this world for over twenty years now, we’ve gone through the different phases, cycles and trends. But above all, over these years, we have seen in the web the opportunity to measure. Finally!

With Propage, the idea of measuring doesn’t mean bombarding you with numbers, but rather the renewed ability to establish benchmarks—your benchmarks. You’ll be able to identify and understand one customer at a time. Now that’s a digital strategy that could make a real difference in your overall business growth.

Where to begin?
It’s simple…

Almost every business like yours is asking itself this same question. Propage's answer is simple: let's start with a good performance audit. Before we commit to delivering results to you, we need to get to know you better.


Propage's performance diagnostics use the most reliable technology tools to understand your current online strengths and weaknesses. And we go further: we make sure to fully understand your needs. What are your budget constraints? On what technological platform is your current site based? What are your target geographical markets? How are your competitors positioned, how proactive are they, and what are their strengths and weaknesses?

All of these key performance indicators (KPIs) lay the foundation for your online marketing initiatives. We take the opportunity to paint a portrait of your digital assets and experiences, whether good or bad. Our team helps you understand it all, but more than that, it creates a customized, forward-thinking plan.

We base our findings on a variety of measurement tools, each more powerful than the last. But without talents and skills to interpret the data, numbers are just numbers.

- Daniel Larose, founding partner