A global strategy typically requires the deployment of various print tools to support your sales efforts and positioning. Let's work together to develop solutions that are right for your world and your sales process.

Corporate documents


Whether small or large, your business must be considered reputable in the eyes of prospects. And to put it implicitly, the professionalism and care you take in the details is more important than ever before. Let us help you make your documents investments that matter.

Leave-behind documents

Don't fall into oblivion.

You’ve made an initial contact with your customer. The hardest part is over—but don't let them forget you! The precise purpose of a leave-behind document is to leverage creativity to stoke and maintain interest.

Kiosks and displays

Make trade shows a results-driven experience.

Your presence at a convention or trade show should always aim to create an unforgettable experience and delivery results. Whether the event takes place locally, outside Canada or online, we develop the content and experience as a whole to achieve your goals. We plan the "before," "during" and "after" phases with you. We connect them to an integrated web strategy. We provide you with the means to measure the impact.

Promotional material

down to the
smallest details

With Propage, the consistency of your brand image extends to clothing and promotional items. We go beyond aesthetics to give meaning to your promotional tools, support your positioning, and strengthen a sense of belonging.