Twenty-page communications plans no longer have their place in our digital world. With good reason. Decision-makers like you don't want to read your strategy anymore. They want to see it. View your deployment plan in mapping mode.

Follow the plan
with just one look.

Propage's mapping is both a tool and a systemic approach; it provides both a global and detailed overview of your strategy.

On the one hand, you make sure to use all the means of communication that will help you reach your prospects and personas.

On the other hand, you associate your communication tools with the purchase journey of your personas to stay in control of the entire customer experience cycle.

And in the end, it’s easier for you to manage your digital and conventional tools. You personalize your strategy. You can better measure if your objectives have been achieved.

Give your customers an experience.

The use of the web has redefined communications as a total customer experience. Propage guides you in optimizing multiple forms of communications and prioritizing them.

The permanent backstory serving to establish your reputation and introduce you to a suspect who wants to avoid direct solicitation

To initiate a direct relationship with suspects, get them to respond rapidly, or remind them that you exist from time to time

Designed to maintain, enhance and retain your relationships with your acquired customers, in addition to providing them with added human value

All the means, even automated, to respond quickly to suspects or to the many occasions that present themselves without warning

What is a suspect?

A suspect is an individual belonging to the intended target, but not yet qualified. When qualified, the suspect becomes a prospect. But before crossing this line, this Internet visitor doesn’t know you; they don’t even know you exist. They are looking for a solution (product or service) to a problem. And once on your site, they evaluate you throughout their visit.

Does your website have the proper assets
to spur this conversion?

Your pace
is our pace.

While our ability to create is limitless, none of our clients have an unlimited budget. Mapping allows you to establish a sequence adapted to your pace. Our adaptability is not only intuitive but also based on more than 30 years of business relationships.

Mapping is designed to optimize our clients' budgets. We fully understand that the reality for most companies imposes choices—especially within the context of a digital transformation requiring the deployment of additional efforts. Breaking down the plan into successive phases enables us to prioritize what needs to be done.

If I run, follow me.
If I slow down, wait for me.

- B2B client

Give yourself
the numbers
to perform.

The search for metrics to quantify the results of your marketing communications strategy is ubiquitous in our digital strategy practices. Mapping is no exception.

We integrate conversion calculations into your plan to help you manage your web performance. Mapping includes KPIs that are aligned with your sales objectives.