Key messages

This is a tool designed for companies that want a powerful and coherent sales pitch. Designed to be adopted by your entire team. And developed by seasoned communicators.

You have
four seconds.

This is how much time you have to convince new visitors on your website—even if it’s just to convince them that you deserve their attention. The structure of key messages segments and simplifies your content. Because a suspect should never have to make an effort to understand your offer.

Propage helps you embark on the path to optimal digital performance. To be concise and use every second effectively. Think like your prospects in order to develop a compelling story they feel they are a part of.

Speak in terms of benefits
Reveal your unique value proposition
Forge links from common ground

Introducing an offer or a product through a bombardment of technical details is the easy way that too many companies adopt. Your potential customers have precious little time—
Make sure you deserve it.

Let’s live up to your promises.

Key messages are the foundation of your sales pitch. For Propage, this means developing rich, authentic content that showcases and consolidates what you do best. Give the proof points. Demonstrate your value.

At Propage, we don’t believe in empty promises because they undermine your credibility. Our messages are rich, specific and relevant. They reflect your authenticity. They strengthen the conviction of your prospects that your business delivers the results they are looking for.

– Olivier Angers, director, strategy and contents

Your new magic number

The human brain easily registers up to three points of a sales pitch. From the fourth and onwards, people’s memory is selective. Our key messages respect this golden rule.

Avoid diluting the essence of your business with a fuzzy and scattered message. Propage helps you get to the point of what sets you apart so that the message becomes simple and clear.

Consistent messaging that converts.

Standardize your sales pitch—both internally and externally. From one representative or tool to another. From partner to customer, from customer to customer. From one suspect to another, who will be compelled, become a qualified lead, and transformed into a customer.

Our tool gives you an overview of your key messages. The content structure is both consistent and flexible, depending on whether you are developing a web page, a video, a brochure or a PowerPoint presentation.

Use the right words
for the right client.

Define your personas to adapt messages according to each profile and personify your digital strategy.

When your personas are defined, your messages become more effective. We help you to adapt content based on the needs and decision-making logic of each prospect.